Dive Sites

We will be your hosts on splendid diving adventures. 2010 renovated Dive Shop, brand new dive equipment for rental, four boats, one sail boat…we can take you diving every day, in any spot of the island.


Kosrae has the finest mooring buoy program in Micronesia. Buoys mark the best dive sites all around the island. (And the snorkeling’s great too!) The professional guidance, penetrating visibility, remarkable marine life and warm waters make our dive trips the most exciting yet comfortable dives you’ll ever take. Inquire about our lodging and diving packages!


Some of the island’s fabulous spots include:

Shark Island Malem Shelf
Stingray Cove WWII Wrecks
Yela Wall Eagleray Wall
Walung Coral Gardens Treelodge Point
Walung Dropoff Finanpes Point
Turtle Ridge Blue Hole
Bully Hayes Wreck Clam Farm
Hiroshi Point Many More!

With the briefing, before each dive, you’ll have a complete description of the the dive site.